Key Facts

Past lecturers have included Albert Hadley, Bunny Williams, Charlotte Moss, Diane Keaton, Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, HRH Prince Edward, Alexa Hampton, Nina Campbell, the late Mario Buatta, Lady Carnarvon whose family home was featured in Downton Abbey, Nate Berkus, Ryan Gainey, Michael Bruno, Faith Hill alongside design team Bobby McAlpine and Ray Booth, and more.


Our National Advisory Committee includes Carolyn Englefield, Alexa Hampton, Bobby McAlpine, Charlotte Moss, Ben Page, Suzanne Rheinstein, John Rosselli, Gil Schafer, Margot Shaw, Remco Van Vliet, Bunny Williams.

Show Mission

The Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville is an annual charity event whose purpose is to raise funds for Cheekwood and ECON Charities, by exhibiting the highest quality antiques, landscaped gardens, and horticultural items and by offering a related educational outreach program.

A Note From Our Founding Sponsor

Covid-19 presents a remarkable array of challenges, especially for valuable community stars such as the Antiques & Garden Show.  Covid-19 will be over!  The Antiques & Garden Show will continue. 

The display of gardens, music, entertainment, education and antiques will be back in 2022.  These type events form the foundation of our beautiful community we know as Nashville.  It’s known as the best A&G Show in the country.

As Nashville deserves the best, TVV Capital is going to support the Antiques & Garden Show even in this Covid era.  Charities in Nashville need help and we will be there, hopefully shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

Why not make a donation to the Antiques & Garden Show to help continue the mission of serving charities across our extraordinary city, Nashville.

We need your help.  See you at the next show, the 2022 A&G Show in the Music City Center.


Andrew Byrd, TVV Capital