Cheekwood Estate

& Gardens

Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville is a proud supporter of Cheekwood, one of the finest American Country Place Era estates in the nation. Formerly the family home of Mabel and Leslie Cheek, the extraordinary 1930s estate, with its 30,000-square-foot Mansion and 55 acres of cultivated gardens and expansive vistas, today serves the public as a botanical garden, arboretum, and museum with period rooms and art galleries, showcasing works from its permanent collection as well as traveling exhibitions.

ECON Charities

A&G is also a proud supporter of two Economic Club of Nashville charities:


Light A Spark

Light A Spark partners with local nonprofit organizations to offer fragile families access to shared cultural experiences. This work is vitally important because these shared cultural experiences are proven to counterbalance any adverse childhood experiences, such as abuse, neglect or household dysfunction, which can impact a person’s lifelong health and well-being.


The Family Center

The Family Center is a change agent in the community. Its evidence-based or research-informed programs provide guidance and support as families navigate new strategies for coping with trauma and move forward with greater awareness, confidence, and a renewed hope for resilience!


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Your contribution truly makes a positive impact on the city of Nashville, directly benefiting the beautiful Cheekwood gardens and ECON Charities—Light A Spark and The Family Center.

Five Reasons to Give


Cheekwood’s 55-acre American Country Place Era estate serves over 225,000 visitors annually bringing year-round seasonal festivals, world-class art exhibitions, breathtaking gardens, and educational and public programs to Nashville locals and tourists of all ages.


Light A Spark offers fragile families access to shared cultural experiences which counterbalance adverse experiences like abuse, neglect, or household dysfunction and strengthen family connections.


The Family Center offers group and in-home sessions and parenting seminars aimed at breaking multigenerational cycles of childhood trauma and preventing or mitigating child abuse across Middle Tennessee.


Your donation is 100% tax deductible! We are very grateful for your generosity.


Three gifts in one—Your single gift will help three beneficiaries doing a world of good for the city of Nashville—simple and secure, in just a few clicks.