Ballyfin Estate Entrance Piers

Created by Vintage Millworks

James E. Dunn


In 1987, James founded Vintage Millworks, Inc.; focusing this organization and team of craftsmen on design and fabrication of custom architectural millwork. Primary objectives were, and continue to be utilizing appropriate materials, techniques, application, proportion, and design. Inspired by early childhood experiences on his Grandparents farm in rural Michigan, his youthful vision of sustainable living would incorporate reclaimed old growth lumber from salvaged barns and house parts into new classical architectural millwork, cabinetry, and furniture. As a craftsman, formally trained in crafting fine furniture, cabinetmaking and boatbuilding, James settled in middle Tennessee in 1975 to pursue his passion of becoming a self-supporting artisan. The love of classical architecture, beautiful landscapes, garden design and their effects on the human condition continue to inspire and guide his principles and his life’s work.

James E. Dunn's Work